Aura Experiences

Laura is a French entrepreneur, writer, holistic teacher and spiritual leader. She is the co-founder of @positivium_official a Luxury Retreat company that hosts transformational experiences all around the World. 

Laura has lived in London for the past 8 years – though she always travels in between.

Laura’s deep inner quest for more took her to explore the Amazon forest – living in Peru and Mexico, merging with the ancient mysteries of Egypt and India, traveling to South Africa and China, getting lost in the foreign lands of Bali and Malaysia, merging with the spirit of each place and learning about the best holistic and healing technics from every culture.

Today she translates all these teaching into easy modern Spirituality for mind, body and soul and spreads her knowledge all over the World as she believes all of humanity deserves to know the tools to heal and step into the highest most empowered and vibrant version of themselves!! 

Laura truly believes that there is a flamme in each one of us that needs to be awakened to tap into our life’s full potential and embody the divine in us. We all have a specific mission to fulfill and when we align with it we can shine a light into the World that never stops burning  and from this Joy raise the vibration of all of humanity.

This state of unconditionnal bliss, love radiating from the inside out, peace and alignment is our truest nature!

It has only been burried underneath layers of conditioning. 

True freedom lies Within!

Laura helps you peel off these layers and go back to the core of who you really are – your true essence – to live a life of pure pleasure, alivness, freedom and truth- in alignement with your true essence – a place from which miracles keep on unfolding continously in your life!!

This is your birthright!

Program offerings:

✨Alchemy Breathwork

Let go of what you no longer need and be rebirthed into a new you.

We will work on identifiying the blocks that no longer serve you and letting them go through a guided ritual followed by an Alchemy breathwork session. 

Transmuting any lower feelings or stuck emotions in your body into higher feelings of Joy & Bliss.

We will be clearing the old to make space for the new to find you. 

Once you are free and in the energy of your future self we will set the intentions for your future while making you embody the feelings of that new version of you. 

You will leave feeling completely realigned and in tune with who you really are. 

(Usually count 1h30 for this type of session as it is truly transformational and performed as a ceremony).

✨Find your purpose

With the help of Intuitive reading, your birth chart, Gene Keys and Human design we will discover your true life’s calling and purpose.

You will have a greater understanding of who you are to start living everyday of your life as your most empowered self and shine your unique light into the World!

✨Activate your sexual energy and Manifest your dreams 

In this session you will explore tools and technics to radiate from the inside out and manifest the life of your dreams with the use of your Life force sexual energy.

This session is a course on how to redirect sexual energy, which is the most powerful energy in the Universe to manifest your wildest desires and become a magnet to them. 

You will leave feeling turned on by life itself and with the knowledge and the tools to know how to attract your most desired reality.

✨Spiritual counceling: 

This session is for people who have just started their journey on the path of spirituality and awakening. 

You will get personalized guidance towards the steps you need to take. 

-The tools on your journey that are specificaly designed to you on your ascension path.

-Best books you need to read.

-Spiritual hygene exercices (morning – evening and during the day) 

-Tools to raise your vibration

We will also establish the goals and milestones you want to reach towards your spiritual journey. 

(Really recommended for a first session)

✨Deconditioning – Emotional blockage work – subconscious rewiring

We have been conditionned with everything around us all our life – in this session we will explore all your subscouncious beliefs and blocks – unlock them to make space for abundance and release them for good.

We will rewire your thoughts and energy levels in order for you to live as your most vibrant and unapologetic self. You will leave feeling energized and ready to take on your new life!

* Please note that Laura works a lot with her inuition depending on the energy she senses from the person in front of her – for this instance every session will be unique and tailoremade to you.

* For any session you might choose she may also includes visualisation, meditation, sound, tarot cards and receiving intuitive messages.


1st Session: 1 hour

£120 for an hour session of your choice.

Further Sessions: 1 hour

Online: £130

Face to face: £170

Further Sessions: 1h30

Online: £170

Face to face: £220

Alchemy Breathwork Ceremonies:

Max 12 pers.

Price: £42 per person

Company package: On demand