At Aura we believe that the future depends on individual awareness and that we can all contribute individually in making this world a better place. We have partnered with an organization helping a cause very close to our hearts, which aims at saving our beautiful planet from climate change.

We organize and participate in high-end advocacy events in Dubai, Cannes, Paris, Monaco, Hollywood, New York and Cairo helping raise awareness on environmental issues, biodiversity and ecosystems.

« In the age of technology, the multiplication of social networks and the apogee of the virtual, which makes us lose sight of the true meaning of life, it is essential to refocus on our values and to make them live through our actions. Humanists must incarnate their values and inspire our actions to regain that balance and the harmony that is increasingly maltreated on this planet. I created the Better World Forum because I am firmly convinced that humanity must be reborn on a new basis, to allow the enlightenment of every human being to flourish and to illuminate our world that so badly needs it ». Manuel Collas de La Roche – President and Founder

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